Film Production Service



production service 

production coordination




support in castings



Film and TV Productions :

as part of production team - casting - assistant director


just to name some:


"White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke

"The Cut"  by Fatih Akin

"Vier Minuten" by Chris Kraus

"Luther" by Eric Till

"Ein Dorf schweigt" by Martin Enlen

"Der Kommissar und das Kind" by Andreas Senn

"Freistatt" by Marc Brummund


documentary productions:


All about Tesla

Life goes on


production coordination for ZDF - Zoom - ZDF - Info



.. and many others

Cooperations  - Exhibitions


Creating an international exchange in sharing and communicating human stories.


"Antlitz Mensch"  is a continuing dialog of photographers and artists 

 meeting in sharing our vision.


Producer and Creator of intercultural and interdisciplinary projects 


Workshops - Street Photography

photography as language


street photography - reportages - documentations



The language of photography as a bridge of understanding, sharing a vision of communication.



Lecture - Photography and Film

Marrakech - 2017,2018,2019


A continuing dialog between photographers and film makers in meeting every year for lectures and workshops at the short film festival Marrakech.


A festival which is organized by different teachers working with art and culture in different school projects.