my projects in photography

Antlitz Mensch

A photo reportage about life and people in Pakistan, sharing the beauty of being, listen to the stories of life.

Life which is writing chapters about smiles, fights, hopes and tears.

The strongest chapter: The strength in being



Berlin, 2018

Marrakech, 2017,2018,2019

Lahore, 2014 + 2015

We are the firewall

Frauen und Widerstand - Woman and Resistance

Through my eyes - Morocco

Writing the beauty of colors - life in Morocco

The strength of Black and White

Through the strength of Black and White writing narratives of colors,

writing the wide range of emotions, beings - human.

The Sound of Cities

Documentation on Events

Through the last years I documented many cultural and political events in Berlin, Europe, Morocco, Pakistan, China and New Zealand.

Many stories about people, about projects creating a dialog, about events which asking questions about humanity.