Cooperations  - Exhibitions


Creating an international exchange in sharing and communicating human stories.


"Antlitz Mensch"  is a continuing dialog of photographers and artists 

 meeting in sharing our vision.


Producer and Creator of intercultural and interdisciplinary projects 


Workshops - Street Photography

Dialog Berlin - Lahore 


Learning through dialog.

A fascinating workshop with students and young people getting to know each other while exploring the streets of Lahore and creating a photo exhibition presenting home and life of Lahore.


The language of photography created a bridge of understanding, sharing a vision of communication.



Lecture - Photography and Film

Marrakech - 2017,2018,2019


A continuing dialog between photographers and film makers in meeting every year for lectures and workshops at the short film festival Marrakech.


A festival which is organized by different teachers working with art and culture in different school projects.