Shootings für Schulen und Feste


Workshops  - speaking film and theatre


- Berlin - Morocco - Pakistan


in cooperations with schools and universities


Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Bildungseinrichtungen



"the traveling book"


script: Maria Dost

concept in development


giving children a voice - writing aggression into pages

In between season


Communication  around the world with artists, educators in times of Corona.  While we cant be together the interviews taken online  to unite us via communication.

Interviews taken in Germany, Morocco, Italy, France, and New Zealand.




A dance is combining the interviews as a sign of life, as a breath to keep us together in communication and creativity.


video: Maria Dost








Film and TV Productions : as part of production team - casting - assistant director


just to name some:


"White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke

"The Cut"  by Fatih Akin

"Vier Minuten" by Chris Kraus

"Luther" by Eric Till

"Ein Dorf schweigt" by Martin Enlen

"Der Kommissar und das Kind" by Andreas Senn

"Freistatt" by Marc Brummund


.. and many others